Times Two


I don’t think that even I could have imagined the series of events that transpired in 2015. I thought that becoming sober would be the last climax to my year in November but alas, December 4th I took a test and saw those lines pop-up. Pregnant. My first reaction? Excitement…which was quickly coupled by fear and uncertainty. I really couldn’t imagine going through the pain of losing another pregnancy. But I really couldn’t let myself get caught up in that fear and let it take over. Flash forward 12 anxious weeks, I’m finally about to see our baby on an ultrasound for the first time. I lay down on the bed, the US tech puts the probe on my tummy quickly, then pulls it away to adjust herself. In the split second that I saw the image on the screen, I could have swore I had just seen two heads. The technician puts the probe back on my tummy and exclaimed “Wow! There are two babies in there, honey!


Identical twins. For the people who don’t know, identical twins don’t (run in families) fraternal twins do. If you get identical twins, that is still a scientific anomaly. Means my body produced one egg which was fertilized by one sperm and a few days after fertilization, for some unknown reason the egg split, creating an identical version of itself. It’s relatively rare that a woman my age had an egg that split like that, but nevertheless what a blessing! I thought that the first ultrasound would ease my mind about the baby I had been growing all those weeks and while I saw the immense blessing of having two babies…the risks went up and the anxiety came back.


Only less than a week later, I woke up at 2:30AM bleeding. Terrified that we were about to lose these little babes, we rushed to the ER. The babies were happy and swimming like crazy on the ultrasound screen that early morning, but there was blood. I had a bled around the babies shared placenta. Five days later the doctors sent me to a perinatologist two hours away from home. This type of physician specializes in high risk pregnancies (which most twins and multiple pregnancies are). Again, the babies looked healthy and fine, but there was still blood around the placenta that houses them. The doctor told me to expect that blood to work itself out, and that all we can really do at this point is hope and pray that the blood passes and that we don’t have another active bleed. At 14 weeks pregnant, there is just really not much medical intervention that can be done for the babies.


I see this specialist again at 18 weeks and I pray by then that the blood will be vastly diminished and or gone completely. At that point, there may be more that we can do for the babies if problems do arise. At this appointment the doctor also informed us that he believes these little babes to be identical boys. I know it is early still to really tell but if this is true then I am happy to introduce these little dudes as Luke Hudson Fryatt and Sylas James Fryatt.


Every night i put my hands on my belly, touching either side that the babies rest on and we pray together. I know that every day will be a struggle yet blessing with these babes. I know that week by week and the next few months will be hard, uncomfortable and unnerving. Yet I also know that God has a plan for me, for the babies and that he has his hands on us. I hope to do little updates on the twins as they come. Everything happens for a reason and regardless of what happens, I feel beyond blessed to be these twins mother.



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