Drowning Drowns


Maybe we are all some sort of subservient super beings. Born with a lack of empathy, for a reason. We are all brought into some sort of fucked up life, so we can pursue making it better until the day we expire. Some people have absolutely no control over their lives. Yet we expect for them to make the best of it. After seeing so many highs and lows of the spectrum… I can honestly say that there is no true 100% happiness in the world. Something somewhere is eating at us. Keeping us from sleep at night or concentration during our “normal” day.

Does any of what I am saying even matter or make sense? Maybe to some but most others would rather read and relate to some social media account entitled “GirlProbz101″. Which don’t mind me saying so, is really sad. Those kinds of people are the “super drowns” you are programmed to like, listen and relate to the writings set for you to read.

If for one minute, if you unplug your drown mind from the social media framework… What are your own human thoughts? Beliefs? Morality?

Just food for thought…the un-drown kind.
-Muava here

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