Hearts Scream


With so much beauty in this world, there is so much hate and ugliness. Discontent, pain and sorrow. We all feel these things. Sometimes daily. It pains me to an extent unheard of to see so much pain all around me every day. We all do the things we do because of a sorrow we carry the burden of in our hearts. Our vices, our bad decisions all stem from some hurt that blackens our soul, everyday. If I could reach in and put a metaphorical blanket on these wounds I would. Like a mother that consoles her children. I love human beings. I don’t want to know how great you are, I want to know you’re pains, you’re heartache. I want to feel what hurts you. I want to love you. I want to fill the void of love and comfort in you’re heart that I am missing from mine.

From the outside, I may seem so put together and ready, ready for life and its fastballs. But really, inside I am as introverted as an artist, a poet. I carry so much yearning and discontent. And with this, it makes me want to meant others, or at least try and love. You’re accomplishments don’t make you better. You’re mistakes make you the person you carry. You’re pain makes you gorgeous. You’re pain makes you every color. You’re pain makes you real.

If our hearts had a loud-speaker on them, we would all hear each other screaming out for help, screaming for love. Screaming for forgiveness. What do you scream for? What can one person give to you, that will fill you’re heart with calming sensation. Look at the person you most admire today. And remember these words. Their heart is screaming and longing for someone, something. No matter how strong one person may seem. Our hearts all scream together. Maybe is we all took a second from our day and just listened…you can hear..you can but slightly hear the screaming, the calling of all the bruised hearts around us. Listen to the screams one by one, and comfort, quite the hearts you can. Fill the voids with a silhouette of the softest blanket you can imagine.

Look down…to the spot where the most important muscle in you’re body beats. Look at you’re heart and listen to its cries. Listen to the pain. Don’t ignore it…please don’t ignore it. Let someone mend you. Let someone love you. Let faith in others overwhelm you with all the kindness this cruel world has left to scrounge up.

We all know what it is like to feel like a bird in a cage. A cagable, tamable pet. Looked upon with judgment and a decoration for others to admire or hurt. All you want to be is free, free to feel the wind under you’re wings. Free to sing atop you’re beautiful lungs as long as the day carries. We all know what it is like to be this caged bird. Sworn off from the world around us. Only seeing as far as our locked door allows. Please, open you’re cage door today and carefully, yet surly…fly out. Let the world in. Let the light overwhelm you with welcomness and courageous tendencies. Let love find you behind this open door and be who you yearn to be. Fly where the eprevesant wind carries you. Let you’re heart stop screaming, and let it sing.

shut you’re eyes and sing to me,

shut you’re eyes and sing to me.

You’re uncaged bird,


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