Releasing You


I know what it is like to feel so on display. Sometimes we all wish we could just sit in an empty room an just be. Just exist. Without judgement. Without question. Or hesitation for that matter as well. It is okay to be yourself, you know? That weird personality we keep tucked inside. Only let out when we are alone or in front of very select induviduals. It is okay to trust. That weird in us is what makes us…us. The way we presume our day to day lives isn’t really who we are. It is who society says it’s OK to be. To mention social networks. To be internet famous. To have the most followers. To get the most likes on a picture uploaded. That shouldn’t be what we depend on to make us happy, right?

I want to live everyday and be that person you feel you can let you’re weird out in front of. I want to make you feel like I am you’re friend. Because I am. I want to know those secret stations on your Pandora that no one knows you listen to, only when your alone. I want to see the face you make in the mirror when no one is looking. I want to know what the last thing you think about is, right before you fall asleep every night. Tell me how sad you are. Cry even. Let me look at you in the eyes and listen to what you have to let out. Let me touch you, in comfort.

For one day. I wish everyone could get up and do the daily rutine. But do it for yourself. Dont put on makeup for to impress any single person. Just be who you are. That weird self that wants to come out. Snort when something is too funny. Please dont cover you’re mouth when you smile or laugh. And tell someone you dont know that they are pretty. Tell someone that they look lovely. You have no idea how good it feels, and how good it feels to hear it. Go write to a person you have had a bad past with. Forgive them. Unburden them, and unburden yourself. No matter that persons response.

Today. Forgive yourself for being so hard. Forgive that “me” in you’re head that is such a tough critic. Look at yourself in the mirror and smile. Know that you are going to go out and be every single thing that you are with all that you have. Love people harder. Sing your favorite song louder. Cry when you feel the urge. Get it out. Get every negative thing out of your body. It is time to clense. Take you’re hair down and shake it out. Jump onto the highest thing and scream! Hit something. Fall to the ground and forgive. Today you can be that person. The person that you are. Go do that thing you have always wanted to do. Who cares? You don’t. You are free.

I want to release you.

– Mama Muavarosebud

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