Princess or Promiscuous Mistress


Once upon a time, the story started out as many. She, a fair young girl in constant need of affection. Was it her humble upbringings that brought this heavy burden upon her? Or was she born this way? Genetics maybe? The answer is still unclear. Though she did not find herself beautiful as most young girls may not, she had a spirit that could not be rendered.

I believe her biggest fear was to be left alone, in fact I know this. So time after time being left, her heart grew bitter and her insecurities grew vastly. She blamed herself for why the people she loved walk away from her. “I’m to bitter, to homely, to sensitive, to attaching.” she thought. If she remained a shell of herself she was indefinitely unhappy. She didn’t understand. Be herself, yearn for love and devotion and be forgotten in the end, or shut herself up in the highest tower of seclusion as those princesses do in the fairy tales…waiting, just waiting.

This is a predicament most women find themselves in. Unfortunately, vast majority of these girls cannot or simply won’t learn this valuable lesson the hard and respectable way. Be a respectable lady, respect yourself. Don’t give yourself away to every male caller just because you feel but mere moments of acceptance…to be wanted by someone. Ask yourself that very question. Do I live in the moment now because it feels so damn good to rebel? Or do I make myself proud, remain a mystery to those whom are worth courting?

This fair young women is still trying to find acceptance…but instead of from someone else, it is to accept herself. For you can not truly love someone…if you don’t love the person you stare at in the mirror. And let’s be honest…do you?

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