December 19th 2011


It’s a chilly day the holiday season. I’m sitting at work sipping a hot chai tea, AKA “Christmas in a cup”. Which is ironic because I guess I’d call myself a “scrudge”. Not that I don’t like Christmas…I really do. It’s just that I feel people have forgotten what this holiday is all about. I don’t mean to get all Dr. Suese either. Hustling and bustling to get the latest Xbox or PS2. The new Ipad 3062xb5 super mega OSi…blah blah blah. Sorry but this is kind of ridiculous. Christmas isn’t bout “stuff” and giving “stuff”Christmas is about coming together for the holidays. Seeing family that has been afar and maybe even right down the road. Putting aside our differences and breaking bread together because family is family. If Christmas can’t do those things then, i’m afraid nothing could. So I find myself in a melancholy state, no boo-whoos for me but It’s hard to find the joy I once had as a child. But I’m sure that i am not the only one.

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