Cherished Stories; Valuable Lessions


We all would like to think of ourselves as a connoisseur of certain sorts. Me myself, I am a listener. Tell me your story, your dreams, your thoughts. It is all important here.

As a child, I recall looking up at my grandmother. Telling me stories of love, loss, adventure. Most of us have these memories. Fortunately for those. Not only did i listen to these stories but I learned a specific valuable lesson that has recently revisited my troubled mind. My grandmother, a wise, even tempered beautiful Indian woman, never let a soul see her cry. Her face always stoic and porcelain like. Yet if you looked behind her eyes you could sense her past.

She taught me that at times in life, every woman believes she has found her one and only. But as we all know, surprises come about in many aspects. People aren’t usually what they seem. We make mistakes as couples and the test on the relationship is if it can sustain these trials and tribulations.

Time does not always seal wounds. If we fail as a couple…we cant always put the pieces back together, no matter ho hard our hearts strain for this. Moral for this story, sometimes there is just too much history between two people. It makes a future impossible. Chemically we cant bring our minds to stop wanting to attach to a person whom we shared many memories with. But for better health and a less regretful life…we have to move on. Love between these people doesn’t have to dissipate. Memories are forever. Though letting go is at most times the true sign for eternal love.

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